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主演:罗伯特·埃姆斯 斯蒂夫·艾弗茨 利亚姆·坎宁安 鲍勃·霍斯金斯 弗兰西斯·巴贝 蒂莫西·斯波 大卫阿特金斯 盖·莱恩 伊丽莎白·贝林顿 Charlotte Lewis Jazmine Franks Steve Garti Nick Ramwell 朱利安·沃尔什 Liz Hume Dawson 

更新时间:2019-11-05 11:00:10

简介: Paddy Gargan, landlord of the Greyhound pub, bans Calum Miller for smoking, antagonizing the boys father Tom, a dodgy business-man who nonetheless subsidizes the pubs soccer team and threatens to pulverize Paddy if the ban is not lifted by the next afternoon. Because of Toms support for them, the football team will not lend Paddy supportive muscle and Paddy is indeed beaten to a pulp. But come evening he scores a moral victory, resulting in the bullied Calum and his mother walking out on Tom Miller.